If you like bird watching, there are 433 different species of birds, including the endemic and endangered Pawi (Piping Guan). Trek up the river to the waterfalls and swing in jungle-vines, or maybe try surfing?

From March to September the leatherback turtles emerge to lay their eggs. From May onwards, one can also enjoy watching hatchlings surface from the sand, making their way to the sea. Turtle watching is always done under the supervision of an authorised guide.

Ask any one of the friendly staff and they can assist in almost any way; from putting a deck chair on the beach for you to finding a local guide to take you deep into the jungle or take you to a remote beach by boat where if you're lucky you can spot a turtle or two swimming close to the shore.
But most importantly,  ACAJOU is the place to kick back and relax...

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